For Loving and for Living

Hi, it’s Chris from The Reason, and we have major news.  Allie and I are adding Real Estate services to our The Reason brand.  Over the past year, I’ve been practicing Real Estate on my own, but my long term goal has always been to bring the two businesses together under The Reason umbrella.  I recently joined Keller Williams, the world’s most innovative and effective real estate company, and with the backing of the company, I am able to build my own team with my own name.  We are proud to announce The Reason - an independently owned and operated Keller Williams Real Estate company.

You might be thinking, “Why real estate?”  I originally got my real estate license in 2002, long before The Reason Photography existed, so this real estate bug is not a new idea.  For me, the joy of finding someone the right home or selling someone’s house is the same joy I have when taking photographs.  It has always been a dream of mine to serve people in this way.

Why tie it to The Reason brand?  The sad thing is that on rare occasions people spell or pronounce our last name correctly.  Early on in building a company with Allie, we knew that we’d probably have to go with a name other than our own.  So over the past eight years, The Reason has become our banner in the world.  We’ve worked hard to build up what is written on that banner:  Excellence, Joy and a heart to Serve others.  We know our photos are of very high quality, but it’s the joy and comfort we bring to a wedding day that you probably appreciated the most.  For some of you, we stepped in and coordinated the day when things needed a guiding hand, ran and got water for you, or took care of many other details that weren’t photography related; and this wasn’t just from Allie or me.  If you hired us for videography, you know the culture of service we foster at The Reason is evidenced by our wonderful video guys who have the same heart as we do.

Do I have time for this?  Allie and I started our wedding business right before we began having children.  Actually, the week Allie left her job to pursue The Reason full time, she found out she was pregnant with Hank.  Allie and I truly love The Reason photography, and we are going to continue to shoot weddings with joy and professionalism for many many years to come.  Yet real estate was always on my mind, but it wasn’t until this year when both kids were in school every day that the opportunity to consider expanding the business was even an option.  We built our photography business from scratch from home while little boys ran around, and for any of you who have small children, being productive around them can be a challenge.  We had to build up systems and workflows over the years to make The Reason work.  So when the boys went to school, there was room for more enterprise.  Real estate will allow us to serve existing clients in one of the next steps of their life while continuing to serve new ones with our photography.

Is the photography business struggling?  No, the photography business is stronger than ever.  Of course, the extra income from Real Estate is welcomed; we do have two boys that will be eating us out of house and home very soon.  But it is my prayer that you know our heart:  Allie and I aren’t in love with money.  While I do realize that our photography and videography services are not cheap and that some of you even stretched your budget to make sure we could shoot your wedding, from the feedback we received from you, we were worth it.  We brought value beyond the cost to capture the day.  Expanding our business has very little to do with increasing our bottom line.  Our joy is to serve.  Earning extra income is a byproduct.

You, our former clients, are the biggest reason we wanted to brand the Real Estate service the same as the photography.  I am the same person with the same values, whether photographing or servicing your Real Estate needs.  We don’t want to reinvent the wheel or try to be something we are not. We are The Reason.  Being of service to you has been the greatest gift, and we want to continue to do so.

So, if you know anyone who is buying or selling real estate in Georgia or getting married, please refer us.  Also, please consider us when the time comes for you to need a Realtor in Georgia.  The same joy, passion, and excellence that we brought to your wedding will be be there for your real estate needs.  Just like the wedding photography business, Real Estate is a referral business.  You trusted us with the biggest day of your life so far, let us walk with you again on the next biggest day when you buy and sell real estate.


Thank you for your trust,

Christopher Bartelski